The Bridgewater Historical Society provides special events throughout the year including rotating exhibits, lectures and presentations, a community open house and educational programs. 

Brick School House
12 North Bridgewater Rd
Bridgewater, Vermont
All programs are free and open to the public/Refreshments provided.

Season Events for 2019

Programs will be Sundays at 2pm
More details to come

Howard Coffin     May 19         VT and 1816 The Year Without A Summer                                        

Steve Taylor          July 14         History of the Grange                                    

Carrie Brown       Aug. 11         Rosie’s Mom                                                              

Cassie Horner      Aug. 25        “Lucy E. ‘The Road To Victory’”                                  

Erwin Fullerton   Oct. 20         Antique Tools



The following 2017/18 programs are available on Woodstock TV Channel 8.
See link below each program.

Gordon Tuthill, long time Woodstock resident, surveyor and historian, will give a presentation on
Bridgewater’s Unique Land Division after the Charter of 1761.
Program Video Link:


John Atwood, a long time Bridgewater resident, will present a program on the North Bridgewater Cemetery. Started as a private burying ground, it was transferred in 1827 to the town of Bridgewater. John will discuss its development, tombstone and epitaph style changes, and will relate stories of several of its families.
Program Video Link:


Leslie Askwith, author of “Thunder-Struck Fiddle, The Remarkable True Story of Charles Morris Cobb and His Hill Farm Community in 1850s Vermont.” Learn about Charles Morris Cobb growing up on the road he called Rum Street.

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Bill Mares, writer and beekeeper for 45 years, tells of The origins and evolution of beekeeping, with particular emphasis on his research in Vermont. “Bees Beseiged: A History of Beekeeping” is sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council.

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Stephen Butz, author of “Shays’ Settlement in Vermont a Story of Revolt and Archaeology”, will discuss his research into Shays” Rebellion and his surprising findings. There will be a book signing. Stephen is heading up the first formal archaeological excavations of Shay’s settlement in Sandgate. Come hear about the local connection Bridgewater has with Daniel Shays.

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Thomas Giffin, President of Vermont Old Cemetery Association (VOCA) will talk about the services they offer to towns to assist with the maintenance of cemeteries. For more information the website is

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The Bridgewater Historical Society is hosting a Vermont Humanities Council event
Linda Radtke – “Vermont Civil War Songbook”
Singer and researcher, Linda Radtke, dressed in period costume and joined by Arthur Zorn will share songs popular in Vermont during the Civil War as well as letters from Vermonters from the era.

Program Video Link:


The Bridgewater Historical Society is hosting a Vermont Humanities Council event
Howard Coffin: Vermont and the Civil War
This program will focus on Company E, the Second Regiment United States Sharpshooters and the Berdan rifle that they used. There were 12 soldiers credited to Bridgewater and others from nearby towns that were buried here that fought in this regiment.

Program Video Link:                                 

Gettysburg monument that honors                                                                DeAlgeroy Thompson
Vermont Sharpshooters Company E and H


Jeff Leich – “Tales of the 10th: The Mountain Troops and American Skiing”
BHS will be hosting a presentation on the 10th Mountain Division by Jeff Leich, Executive Director of the New England Ski Museum in Franconia, NH. He is the author of 2 books, Over the Headwall: The Ski History of Tuckerman Ravine and Tales of 10th: The Mountain Troops and American Skiing.
Bridgewater had at least four 10th Mountain Division soldiers.

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